SnapChat and WhatsApp both are the messengers and here in this article you will see a brief comparison of both. Currently Whatsapp and Instagram owned by Facebook.

Two way option

WhatsApp has the option of adding or accepting contacts before you or they can send you messages. SnapChat doesn’t support this feature.

Need of a SIM card

For having a WhatsApp account you must be having SIM card but in case of SnapChat, you don’t need to have a SIM card.

PC Support

WhatsApp is supported by PC and it can be used by installing it on PC while SnapChat could only be used by using an android cell phone.

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When someone is Typing, you can see it

WhatsApp always shows when someone is typing and helps in preventing from any type of confusion, while SnapChat doesn’t have this feature.

END to END Encryption

Both SnapChat and WhatsApp have the feature of End to End Encryption that prevents any third party to receive access to the messages and data shared between two parties.

Sending Documents

WhatsApp allows you to send documents to your friends and anyone using WhatsApp, while SnapChat does not support this feature.

Temporary Images

SnapChat allows you to send images that are self destructed after sometime you send them but WhatsApp doesn’t supports this feature.

SYNC option

WhatsApp and SnapChat both allows you to sync your account to cloud, so that you can have access through different devices and your data could be backed up if lost.

Search feature

WhatsApp allows you to search anyone by entering specific keywords. SnapChat doesn’t support this feature.

Tmeporary Text Messages

WhatsApp don’t have the feature of temporary text messages while SnapChat allows you to send messages that are deleted after some minutes you send them.

Shows Last Seen of the user

WhatsApp shows the last seen of the user that when he was last active while SnapChat doesn’t supports this feature.

Video chat

You can have a two way video chat by using both, WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Free Access

You can download both, WhatsApp and SnapChat free from Google play or app store that you are having in your android.

Message Seen Notification

WhatsApp and SnapChat both supports the feature of message seen and this is how you could know when a person has seen your message. Until a WhatsApp user has customized it by turning the read receipts off.

Sending Location

Anyone can access your location, if you turn on it by yourself on WhatsApp. SnapChat doesn’t supports this feature and no one could access your location.

 Voice Clips

You can send your audio voice clips that could be prerecorded or recorded by using WhatsApp recorder via WhatsApp. But SnapChat doesn’t support this feature.

Forward Contact Details

Contact details of a person could be sent via using WhatsApp while SnapChat doesn’t support this feature.

Sharing Music files

You can send music files to your friends by using whatspp but SnapChat doesn’t allow you to do so.

Tablet support

SnapChat and WhatsApp both could be installed and used on Tablet.


WhatsApp has no irritating and distracting ads while SnapChat has advertisements that may be irritating some times.

Sending Videos

You can send videos to your friends by using both, SnapChat and WhatsApp.